Our story begins with a sad ending.

Sometimes a very special pet comes into your life, and for us that was a dog we adopted named Cookie. She was a wonderful dog with a sweet personality—everyone loved her. When she became sick and was diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease, it was devastating!

It was even more devastating when we discovered we were actually contributing to her illness by what we were feeding her — dog food containing chelated coppers.

We lost Cookie when she was only six years old.

Copper killed Cookie…

but started our quest to prevent it from happening again.

As sadness turned to anger, we started our quest to learn everything we could about the disease and what causes it. Watch this video and you’ll understand the danger of Copper Storage Disease and why dog food manufacturing standards need to change if we are to protect our family pets. Copper Storage Disease is hard to diagnose, it’s hard to treat, but it’s easy to prevent.

Copper Storage Disease is a man-made disease.

With proper research and testing, it could have been avoided.

It’s not too late to undo what’s been done! Click here to take action.

We are doing something about it.

To create awareness of Copper Storage Disease, we created this site.

Dietary offerings in the pet food market today need to be re-examined. Our goal is to offer information that will start a conversation about transparency in manufacturing practices concerning what’s in our pet food. We need your help to get all the bad coppers out of our pets’ diets!

Our Dog Cookie (2008-2014)

Support Dogs. Take Action!

To prevent Copper Storage Disease, we created our own dog food.

We could not get pet food manufacturers to change their ingredients, so we actually went to incredible lengths working with all the right experts to create a dog food that is safe and will protect our dogs…and yours, from this terrible disease that kills so many beloved family companions.

Why we created The Scoop Dog Food.

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Here are simple actions you can take
to make a difference:

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