Why is copper in dog food?

Copper plays a role in the formation of a dog’s bones, connective tissue, collagen, and myelin (the protective covering of nerves). Copper also helps the body absorb iron, making it an important part of red blood cell function.

How does copper get added to dog food?

Copper Oxide (Natural Copper) gets added to dog food through other ingredients. Copper sulphate and other chelated coppers can be added as a separate ingredient or as part of a “vitamin pack”.

What is “good” vs “bad” copper?

“Good” copper or natural copper is necessary in small amounts for a balanced diet and plays an important part in a dog’s health and growth. “Bad” copper, for dogs, can come in various forms (copper sulphate, copper proteinate, chelated coppers etc…) and in large amounts can be difficult for a dog to expel from the liver, causing a buildup which could lead to Copper Storage Disease.

Does all dog food have copper in it?

Unless you are feeding your dog a prescription diet that is truly copper free, all dog foods contain natural copper and almost all others contain copper sulphate, copper proteinate, chelated coppers etc…

Why haven’t I heard of Copper Storage Disease before?

This is a man- made disease. It has progressively taken more and more dogs lives. Most dog food manufacturers to not recognize or acknowledge that it is a problem. Because they do not test every ingredient when formulating their diets and choose to add the copper pre-mix(for cost and convenience) the copper levels in most dog foods are excessive leading to more cases being reported.

Why isn’t my vet talking about Copper Storage Disease?

Copper Storage disease is hard to diagnose. Studies from prominent universities are releasing alarming studies that now confirm that this disease is on the rise. It is an accumulation disease that takes time to show up. More veterinarians are now testing for this disease and informing their clients of it’s signs.

Is there a cure for Copper Storage Disease?

Unfortunately there is not a cure for this disease. When a liver is overcome with Copper Storage Disease it cannot repair itself. The only “cure” is prevention. Do Not feed your dog a food with Copper Sulfate, Copper Proteinate or Chelated Copper in it. Period.

Here are simple actions you can take
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